AJ founded Sharp Relations in November 2010 when she was 26. She was the youngest Director to be appointed at one of the leading London food and drinks PR agencies. For her the reason for starting the agency was a real passion for the food itself. She gets a real kick out of meeting the people behind the brands, hearing their story and why and how they came to be doing what they’re doing today.

Whilst the company mission hasn’t changed our focus has become more about sustainable practises. We are committed to supporting and encouraging our clients and their suppliers to focus on creating a more sustainable future for us all. As a business we’ve started our B Corps journey and encourage others to do the same. I also sit on a local forum initiated by @producedinKent called “No Food Wasted” which connects Growers > Distributors > Producers > Charities. Together we seek to eliminate the gaps and reduce unnecessary waste. Please email me if you want to understand how your business can be involved aj@sharprelations.com

AJ also judges for several different food awards including the Great Taste Awards and I’m a food writer with a regular column in several publications.

Weekends are spent walking in Kentish countryside with family and Aber the office dog!

Favourite Drink: Nothing beats a good cup of Pluckley tea, unless it’s a crisp glass of Bacchus

Favourite Food: Impossible to choose, the excitement for me comes from trying a completely new flavour. Lots of my memories are bound up in flavours and smells.

Favourite Restaurant: Smoke and Cure at The Harrow, Ulcombe