We help food brands to grow with great communications, including public relations, media relations and social relations. Great communications improves recruitment, grows stockists, builds a brand, increases investment, improves product discovery, and boosts your sales.

Great communications is the oxygen of every successful business.

When the Founder of start-up bakery and ingredient brand OGGS® approached us three years ago, the business was new:

It did not yet have stockists and consumers had never heard of the company, the brand or the products range.  They needed to:

  • build a brand
  • generate attention from the buyers
  • increase discovery with consumers
  • drive traffic to the website
  • build social channels to drive discovery


Sharp Relations got to work building a bespoke communications plan to build to the brand.

We used industry insights to make sure we were a step ahead of the market and placed our client partner front and centre in the trade, in the press, on social media and online.

We generated buyer awareness of the brand and the product range. From grocery buyers at all the main supermarkets.

We ensured that their perfect customers knew the product range and brand existed. We used our expertise of the food and drinks industry. We used our many contacts to offer the right introductions. We followed a proven strategy.

We generated website traffic to drive online orders, to help with cashflow. We generated genuine media interest and negotiated backlinks to drive the right traffic, back to the website.

We grew social proof, by creating great content and engaging with the right people. This boosted followers, increases engagement and helped to build a tribe of loyal followers.


The results started pouring in and the business generated £1million revenue in the first 5 months:

RESULT: With our help, the Founder secured initial listings in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. Later we supported the launches into Tesco, Morrison, Co-op and WHSmith too.

RESULT: Within 2 years we had generated 650 pieces of press, positive product reviews. Our messaging reached 45million people in the perfect demographic. As their perfect demographic only contains 2.5 million people, this means that the perfect customer saw the brand in the press or online around 18 times. No surprising to see that the sales followed.

RESULT: The company generated £1million in revenue in the first 5 months. At at the two year point it has hit the £3million target.

RESULT: The digital coverage we generated results in 500 links back to the website, over 600 brand mentions online, and the website hit the top spot on the search rankings. Because it’s genuine, this activity drives traffic to the site, better (and cheaper) than any SEO agency!

RESULT: Social followers grew from 1k to 12k in the first year, engagement increased enormously.

Sharp Relations’ clients feature on hundreds of high authority platforms everyday:

OGGS® Founder Hannah Carter says:


“The results have been amazing and we would absolutely recommend Sharp Relations!

“Since we started working with Sharp Relations, we’ve established ourselves as a core brand in the challenger world. They’ve made the right introductions and enabled us to access audiences that we didn’t think we would be able to access, all in a cost-effective intelligent way.

“They have ensured we have had great press coverage – it’s been phenomenal! We have managed to get so many sales and contracts off the back of the press we have had.

“We have received global recognition as brand – with businesses from Asia, America and Canada all interested in working with us.”

We nourish people and planet by growing good food & drink brands


We build great tasting sustainable food and drink brands. Our results drive incredible growth and awareness for the brands we work with, so it’s important that we partner with businesses that align with our core values and are working towards the best, most sustainable practices they can afford, at each stage of their growth.

Strategically motivated, we cultivate and nurture our clients’ business in order to help them grow. Because when they succeed, everyone benefits. We respect our clients’ time and money, and in return we ask for their trust in our expertise and empowerment to let us do what we do best.

We nourish our own team. We cultivate creative, vibrant and inspirational work environments which both nourish our clients and our team. We are a place where talented creative people can flourish. We ask our team to bring their whole authentic selves to work. We cultivate a flexible empowered culture that respects our people, encourages personal growth and development and nurtures a healthy work-life balance.

AJ Sharp, founder of Sharp Relations:

“You have seen great PR grow awareness and authority for other brands. You know it works. You might even have generated the odd piece here and there already. But really you have so many other things to do, that you have NO TIME to do it yourself. Not to the level that is required to really grow a business.

“Sharp Relations takes the whole process off your hands, so you can focus on your own particular area of genius.

“We don’t just generate great PR for your brand, we build great communications systems and processes and advise you what to do next, too.

“Whatever your biggest challenges are, I can guarantee that improved communications will make it easier for you.”

"Great communications improves recruitment, grows stockists, builds a brand, increases investment, improves product discovery, and boosts your sales."

AJ Sharp, Founder of Sharp Relations

Hear from some of Our other clients:

Macknade Wanted to Drive Online Sales:


The challenge: Macknade wanted to grow online sales for their expanded food delivery service, available nationwide. 

The solution: Sharp Relations got to work generating awareness in national online press securing BBC Good Food, delicious, Metro, The Times, the Evening Standard and many more. 

Result: Sharp Relations generated hundreds of pieces of national digital coverage online and Macknade saw a 450% rise in web sales. 

"Within the first few months of working with Sharp Relations we saw a increase of 250% in our Website Sales. The following year they helped us generate a 450% increase in sales. Sharp Relations deliver measurable metrics and always hit their KPIs.

"We would recommend them to any food businesses looking to build their brand and drive sales. The Sharp team is efficient, knowledgeable and always does exactly what they say they will do, we really enjoy working with them."

Rosie Collins, Marketing Director of Macknade

Luxlo Spirits Needed Consumer Brand Awareness:


 The Challenge: Luxlo Spirits secured some listings in bars and in retail but they needed to generate better awareness for with consumers.

The Solution: Sharp Relations set up opportunities in national and regional press securing a UK wide roll out of the brand (rated 5/5) through all 25+ Reach PLC titles (twice), Metro, Express, the Mirror, Your Home, Top Santé, City AM and many more.

Result: Sharp Relations has already generated nearly 200 pieces of consumer coverage and sales are flying!

"Working with the team at Sharp Relations to kickstart our PR has been such a positive experience - one that garners great results across all areas every time. The working relationship we enjoy is led by AJ and her teams’ expertise across the industry, both regionally and nationally, and as a client, we always feel included in the decision-making process.

"The attention to detail is second to none, and the whole team is friendly and supportive. We are regularly offered exciting opportunities and ideas to open up our audience and exposure to the hospitality sector. We can always call upon the team individually to ask questions and get their help and reassurance.

"Sharp Relations really understand us as a business, and they expertly convey the sentiment and messages we want to share with the press about our product, through channels direct to the consumer, and to vital trade customers.

Sharon, Marketing Manager of Luxlo

Sharp Relations is expert at growing revenues for food and drink businesses using great communications!

Sharp Relations, founded by AJ Sharp in 2010, is one of the UK’s top Food & Drink PR agencies.

The agency has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Start-up Magazine, Entrepreneur & Investor, Fine Food Digest, Speciality Food Magazine, Guild of Food Writers, Guild of Beer Writers,  Caterer and Licensee, Vuelio and Response Source.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: The revenue figures stated above are from previous client results. These statements and examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of earnings or income. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your product/market fit, current financial condition, and changes within the market.

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