How we used pr to increase sales by 700% in 3 months.

PR doesn’t just drive sales… it builds brand awareness, increases visibility, drives footfall, supports SEO, warms up buyers and drives traffic to your website.

Case Study: 

When we started working with a luxury food producer, their product range was the best kept secret in the UK! 

The product range was being sold through some local stores and online. But it was relatively unknown. 

The CEO wanted to get in front of more buyers, potential investors and more customers. It was time to start investing in PR.

The Problem:

The team had big ambitions: They wanted to sell nationally. To attract larger retailers. They needed to grow website sales. They needed to get in front of the big buyers. They were even thinking about expanding into export markets.

They knew they needed something flexible and dynamic. They wanted people to recognise the brand. Mostly they wanted loads of positive brand mentions and reviews.

The Solution:

Our very foodie PR team immersed themselves in the product range. We taste-tested all the core range. We questioned, interrogated and researched the perfect customers until…..

We put together a comprehensive PR strategy. 

Then, we got to work. We rewrote their content and focused their messaging. We used our media contacts. We crafted individual media pitches for each publication. Using our specialist food and drinks media knowledge.

We introduced the business to journalists we know. We pitched different angles to different publications. 

We started generating loads of press about the business. From product reviews, to taste test pieces, to profiles about the business owners, to influencer activity.

The Results:

Within a few weeks the press coverage started to appear and we were generating 6-9 new pieces of press each week.

Within weeks, sales had DOUBLED. By the end of the first month, sales were at 300%.

We generated 6-9 pieces of coverage a week

And by 3 months we’d hit 104 pieces of coverage. At this point the client had received 700% increase in new sales. Not surprising, since we generated 264 brand mentions, seen by a total of 191 million people in the client’s demographic. And this traffic was pouring into the website along the 146 genuine backlinks we had placed! 

Additionally, the brand was better known locally, and further afield. The Google rankings had shot up after it received 136 brand mentions online. In total, the press coverage had reached 34 million unique users.

Moreover, these links last. They are real genuine coverage and won’t disappear when the project is delivered, they will be accessible for years. 

We know this press coverage will continue to funnel customers to the website for many years. 

Screen grab lifted from our coverage monitor:

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For this client we generated 264 brand mentions on high authority platforms including:

Services we offered:

  • Product PR – generating awareness
  • Digital PR – generating real key word rich coverage online
  • Content Creation – message crafting for individual publications
  • Media Relations – using our contacts to get clients into the right publications
  • Influencer Marketing – all things social media

Our approach is extremely thorough, very results driven and highly respected in the industry. We have been doing this for over a decade and have a clear understanding of what each writers needs, what content is relevant to different publications, how to present it and how to deliver it in a timely manner.

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We help food and drinks businesses to grow

We drive sales growth by influencing consumer behaviour through digital and creative communications, which drives traffic to websites, boosts visibility, engenders trust, drives sales and builds brand recognition.

Talk to us about creating a bespoke plan for your businessOur services include Digital PR, Product PR, Influencer Marketing, Brand Building and Content Creation. 

For us, it isn’t just business, it’s personal.

We’re a friendly and very foodie PR team. For us it’s all about flavour and experience. We work with brands that we actually believe in. Afterall, our media contacts trust us to make the right recommendations to them.

We conduct all our activities in fair, ethical and sustainable way and ensure that all the businesses we work with have these same values.

Our clients choose Sharp Relations not simply because we’re results-driven, but we deliver extraordinary results.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: The revenue figures stated above are from previous client results. These statements and examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of earnings or income. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your product/market fit, current financial condition, and changes within the market.

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