Eloise Hale

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Eloise Hale, PR and Social Media Executive

Eloise (known as ‘Elles’) had us at ‘professionally trained pastry chef’ and we didn’t need to hear too much more before welcoming her to the team. But there is so much more! She’s a Westminster Kingsway College alumnus, specialising in patisserie and has loads of cool contacts across the industry having worked in restaurants, pubs, hotels, and wineries, and spent the last three years running and operating her own bakery business.

Says Eloise, “I am so excited to join the team at Sharp and apply my love of food and drink to the world of PR!”

When she’s not in the office you can find her scouting out the best places to eat and drink (or in her happy place… IKEA).

Favourite drink: A hot chocolate with a hint of lime and sea salt, or something fresh and fruity!

Favourite food: Paella

Favourite place to eat out: Whitehouse in Rye