Insightful Bites, Issue 11

Insightful Bites, Issue 11

Issue 11 of Insightful Bites is here, to get your teeth into!

Each month, the Sharp Relations team saves you time and research by putting together a round-up of all the latest trends and insights we see from working in the world of food and drink all the time.  

Here are some of the hot and steamy nuggets we think you need to know about.

Have you heard about the new Gen M?

According to The Grocer, Menopause is the new Vegan. Their interview with Heather Jackson, founder of Gen M, which she set up to be a partner for brands with menopause- friendly products, explores signposting for retail brands and why it’s important to make them more visible.  Representing a sizeable 20% of the population, Gen M refers to peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women

Wellbeing continues to be a major focus for this demographic as they look for ways in which they can proactively improve their nutrition to manage specific symptoms. We’ll continue to see a rise in functional products, such as Linwoods Menoligna, an easy-to-use complete product tailored specifically for Gen M consumers and packed with nutrition that alleviates menopause symptoms.

From TikTok to supermarket shelf: the new way to do NPD

Stuck for NPD inspiration? Head over to TikTok and check out the trending food products and recipes.

TikTok continues to drive brand discovery and brand innovation with the arrival of products that started life on TikTok in retail stores in the US reports Modern Retail.  From mini pancake cereal as part of the mini foods trend to pink sauce, these recipes have been developed in partnership with the content creators by brands such as Belgian Boys and are now hitting the shelves of Walmart and Target. 

It’s an interesting strategy for start-ups taking a product idea with proven consumer demand and leveraging it to build relationships with retailers.

How the cost-of-living crisis is playing to the advantage of sports nutrition brands

As sports nutrition brands like Huel set their sights on the mainstream consumer when it comes to nutritionally complete meal replacement drinks, Mintel’s new Attitudes towards Sports Nutrition report gives some fascinating insight into how the cost-of-living crisis is helping their cause and widening their appeal.

Says Mintel Research Analyst, Claire Finnegan: “As consumers are seeing their finances come under pressure, commitment to certain health promoting habits is ebbing. This puts sports nutrition too under fire, with usage frequency falling in 2022. As consumers are looking for ways to save money, the disruption to habits is creating opportunities for supermarket own labels to gain ground in category, though they face intense price competition from DTC. The role they can play as an affordable everyday source of essential nutrients also holds potential for sports nutrition products, with nutritionally complete meal replacement drinks seen widely as an appealing way to save money on food.”

Scandi hot tub party anyone?

This year is going to be the year we embrace Scandi spirits from gins and vodkas to aquavits and whisky, we’ll see an increase in Scandinavian spirit brands aiming to take a slice of the UK’s spirit market.  Trading on their cultural heritage, whether that’s distilled with botanicals foraged from the dark forests of Norway or sipping in a Finnish sauna or hot tubs, prepare for Scandi fever to hit the drinks market.

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