Life After Winning an Award

Life After Winning an Award

After the weirdest probably most difficult year in history, there are some silver linings. At this time of year, lots of award results are announced and if your brand is one of the lucky ones, then congratulations!

Here is our checklist on how to make the most of your award win:

  1. Update your website first. If you have a blog – write a blog, even a short one will do!  You can also add it to the blurb on About Us page if it fits well. Do update the images on the website, by adding your award logo to any product shots, you can usually add a button in the editor, but if not, simply edit the original image and overlay the award logo in Photoshop and then upload the image again.
  2. Post the news to social media – Don’t just put up a picture of the product, social media should be social, take a picture of you or your whole team holding the winning product and looking really happy. Make it real for people. People will remember that shot far longer than a simply product shot.
  3. Update your packaging as soon as humanly possible. If you have the capacity (and budget) you can have your packaging modified and reprinted. Many businesses do not want to wait this long (or don’t have the budget) so they add stickers to each and every product in the interim period. (The perfect holiday job for someone?!)
  4. Update your images. Either use the button option described in [1] or if you have a designer who can create a mock-up that might work ok or have the packing reshot by a professional photographer if necessary but make sure your images are up to date.
  5. Update your online retailers once you have the new pack shots or mock-ups, then distribute the new images to all your retailers and them to update their websites. If you have a good relationship with the retailer, ask them to mention your award in the product descriptions too.
  6. If applicable, use the feedback document to pick out some testimonials for your social media. “The most delicious coconut ice cream we have ever tasted”. Testimonials don’t need to be long sentences, something simple like “deliciously indulgent” would work fine. Use Canva to make testimonial memes with text overlaying your most delicious looking product images.
  7. PR yourself! Send a newsletter to your list of customers and suppliers. Don’t forget friends and family too, they are your network too and usually your biggest advocates.
  8. Write a blog for your website. You can do something quick on the day you find out. Don’t be afraid to follow up a week or two later with how it’s going, what’s changed since you won your award?
  9. Give a testimonial. Always give a testimonial when you’re asked (assuming you think it’s good!). Often award organisers use your testimonial on their own promotional materials, spreading your visibility even wider.
  10. Write a press release for your local newspapersYou can follow a template or pay someone to draft a release or simply jot down the basics and phone your local newspaper and tell them your story. Have an image of you and your product though, it’s often the people angle that the local newspapers like.

Good luck! If you want any extra help you know where to find us!

All the best,

The team at SR x


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