May News

May News

We’re loving the longer days since the clocks changed, which bring brighter evenings, delicious, refreshing drinks and lighter food.

The team has been busy launching tasty new products, delivering strategies and communications audits, attending industry events, and having lots of lovely media conversations.

Sharp Relations has had a mega month!

The FoodTalk Show

The biggest excitement is that The Food Talk Show has announced our very own AJ Sharp is the new co-host of the hit radio programme.  From this month, AJ will be co-presenting alongside the show’s founder and host, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and broadcaster, Susie Warran-Smith CBE (formerly Sue Nelson), along with drinks expert Jane Peyton.  Find out more here.

Susie Warran-Smith and AJ Sharp on The FoodTalk Show

Bread & Jam’s Future Summit

Some of our team went up to Bread & Jam’s Future Summit on World Earth Day on 22nd April. You may have seen AJ on the stage as a speaker – she’s the tiny blue dot on the stage!

The Future Summit explored all angles of sustainable food from sourcing and production, through to packaging and disposal. 

AJ speaking at the Future Summit.

The team at Bread and Jam asked Sharp Relations to provide our five top tips for brands communicating eco-friendly credentials: 

  1. Be Authentic. This is not a trend, if you are going to effectively communicate your eco credentials, make sure the work really is being done. No greenwashing!
  2. Be Transparent. Be honest and open about what you’re doing, including the challenges you’ve had. If it’s not been easy, it’s ok to say so. The fact that you’re trying so hard, speaks volumes.
  3. Prove it. Consider a certification to give authority to your eco or ethical credentials, there are many ways you can prove it, from Vegan Society to B Corps.
  4. Get visual. 65% of the population are visual learners, this means that videos and images are a far more effective way to communicate your messaging and ensure it’s being clearly received.
  5. Start with Why. This is so important for messaging. You must clearly communicate why are you doing what you’re doing. It really helps to convey integrity and authenticity. (Tip: Look up Simon Sinek for inspiration on this.)

Find out more about insights from the event here in our April Insightful Bites round-up, or you can subscribe click here to subscribe.

Trip to Shepherd Neame

Left to right: Patrick, Clare, Isabella and Anna on the tour at Britain’s Oldest Brewer

One of the most important elements of Sharp Relations is that we’re not just media and communications specialists but we’re also experts in food, how do we do that? We never stop learning, that’s how!

This month, some of the team took a tour around Shepherd Neame’s brewery in Faversham to learn more about the history of Britain’s Oldest Brewer, home to beer legends like Spitfire Ale and Bishop’s Finger.  We also took part in a tutored tasting comparing some very different beer styles and examining the three C’s: colour, clarity and condition.

Client News

With longer, lighter summer evenings just around the corner, we’ve been helping Biddenden launch their exciting new Ice Cider 2021 (ABV 9%). Intense, sweet, and bursting with aromas and reflecting the best characteristics from Kentish grown Egremont Russet and Bramley apples, it’s ideal as an aperitif for an al fresco dinner party or a picnic.

Priced at £12.90 per 50cl bottle, Biddenden Ice Cider 2021 can be purchased from Biddenden Vineyards’ website.

Did you know?  This style of cider is called Ice Cider because of the way it is made. The high natural sugar content, concentrated aromas, and enhancement of acidity and tannins is achieved through freezing the pressed apple juice and following a process known as cryoconcentration. The liquor is then fermented like a sweet wine for four months before developing further in the bottle resulting in clean, fresh and fruity flavours. 

Biddenden Ice Cider 2021

New office update

We’re on the countdown to moving into our shiny new Sharp office and creative media hub at the beginning of July.  Did you see the sneak peek video on Instagram?  Check it out here: Sharp Relations (@sharprelations) • Instagram photos and videos

Events in May

The Sharp team are looking forward the Taste of Kent Awards this month, on 12th May.  We’ll be helping the Produced in Kent team to capture footage, interview winners, and manage social feeds on the night.   It’s going to be a fabulous evening.  If you’re going, do some and say hi to our team!

What could I be doing this month? 

  • Upcoming national days this month include:
    • Hummus Day & Cocktail Day, 13th
    • National Vegetarian Week, w/c 16th
    • World Whisky Day, 21st
    • Chardonnay Day, 26th

Awareness days can be a great content creator and engagement activity for social media.

  • Think about your long lead opportunities for the year ahead. Long leads start work on Christmas features from June onwards and now is the time to sell-in summer stories for mid and short lead titles.

Audit your comms…

  • Do you know what is working and what isn’t working in your marketing? If not, why not? Shout if you want us to help you sense of it all.

Get a helping hand…

  • No idea on where to start with your marketing, stuck for ideas or want some expert advice on your communications strategy? Book a free 30-minute strategy chat with one of our team.

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