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It’s time for the July update!

In the Sharp Relation’s office, you would think that July would bring talk of beach days, ice cream, and flip flops but it means only one thing…Christmas! As the media world gears up once again for the festive period, we are already sending out Christmas

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June Update

Can you believe it is June already? Time flies when you are having fun, and we sure are having fun here at Sharp Relations!   Now that the days are becoming sunny and warm again, everything seems even more beautiful than usual; and the past month

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Winners Announced Taste of Kent Awards 2021 

Following the first-ever virtual ceremony, the winners of Produced in Kent’s Taste of Kent Awards 2021, can now be revealed.    On Tuesday 11th of May, the largest ever audience for the Taste of Kent Awards Ceremony, tuned in to the live streaming to watch the crowning of Kent’s food and

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May Update

May is one of my favourite months where new life and nature abound, so I’m delighted that my first time writing the Sharp Relations update is the May one! After barely a month in my Sharp Relations seat – and what a hot seat it is – I can say that abundance is a very fitting theme

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Dessert & Spirit-Fuelled Rapid Expansion at Food & Drink PR Agency Sharp Relations

Leading food and drink PR agency Sharp Relations has been appointed by Vittles Foods to promote its Mondelez branded range of desserts.  The agency has also been chosen to deliver a PR campaign for LUXLO, a new lower-alcohol, lower-calorie spirit perfect for gin lovers.  Sharp Relations, whose clients include vegan bakery and egg alternative brand OGGS®, fine food retailer Macknade and low & no-alcohol beer

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April Update

Hello  I am so chuffed it’s my turn to write this month’s update, it’s been a BUMPER month! We are celebrating the arrival of a brilliant new team member, loads of new clients, recruiting for several new positions, exhibiting at Bread and Jam, vast amounts of networking, training sessions and the increasing popularity of Sharpen Your Brand sessions.  It is a huge relief that vaccinations seem to be widely distributed

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March Update

We don’t want to tempt fate, but it does seem that the end of lockdown might be in sight.  Children are back in school and all the graphs we see on the daily news seem, to heading in the right directions.  What an incredible and humbling effort by all the hidden heroes we have in this country, if

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February Update

Although the shortest month, February 2021 has been a month of contrast. We started the month with thick snow and freezing temperatures and now the signs of spring are erupting everywhere. It’s been another month of lockdown and surviving the WFH and home-schooling juggle, but

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January Update

Well, we’re certainly glad to see the end of January is in sight. As ever, the resilience of the country and perseverance in the face of continued separations from family and friends, home working and home-schooling is showing no signs of weakening. A huge well

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2020, a year in review

It was really hard to write this overview, a re-telling of the most extraordinary sequence of events, the hardships recognised and the successes necessarily celebrated. But for 2020, there is no one theme we can connect with, what is the takeaway? There have been highs and lows, sadness and success, hard work

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Life After Winning an Award

After the weirdest probably most difficult year in history, there are some silver linings. At this time of year, lots of award results are announced and if your brand is one of the lucky ones, then congratulations! Here is our checklist on how to make

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A Decade of Sharp Relations

Wow, where has this year gone?   Or more to the point, where have the last ten years gone?   You may not believe it, but this month marks the tenth anniversary for Sharp Relations.  At the beginning of November 2010, AJ packed up her London flat,

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